Crypto Market Intelligence is a market intelligence platform that provides data driven ratings and essential insights into the cryptocurrency market.

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The Laeren 25 masternode Index

+16.74% at 11,674 points - 6/5/2020

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Simply Put, Our Rating System Works

While liquidity is a very important factor when making investment decisions, this data point alone is not nearly enough to make truly intelligent market decisions.

The proprietary algorithms process data from hundreds of sources across multiple data points to provide the most advanced cryptocurrency ratings on the market.

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Cutting Edge Platform Updates

As the cryptocurrency market evolves and advances, so does our platform. The team have been successful investors in traditional markets for over a decade. We know what tools are needed for investment decisions and we are continually adding and refining tools, features and fine tuning our technology to help you stay ahead of the market.

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Seamless Transition from Traditional Market Investment Tools

Because we have used the traditional investment tools to be successful, we develop the tools needed for the Crypo Market with a similar look and feel as those that we are accustomed to. We just make them better by combining the proprietary algorithms we developed with our passion for everything Crypto.

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