frequently asked questions

Laeren.io is a partnership of ideals between financial fundamental research and innovative CryptoCurrency expertise. We were founded in a major slump of the CryptoCurrency market, so that on the next rise, investors could better compete and be better informed as they would be in any other financial market.
CryptoCurrency is difficult to understand and even harder to see the value in, based upon the raw data available. We found it difficult to make savvy investment decisions. When we went in search of market intelligence we couldn’t find a reliable and unbiased source. So we made one. Laeren.io is a platform built to process raw data and disseminate it in an easy to read standardized market format. We connect potential CryptoCurrency investors with the expertise of those familiar with the market. While we may have educational and personal biases, we will never accept any money from a coin or MasterNode to give them a better rating.
Our background combines over a decade of mainstream financial market experience with grassroots CryptoCurrency market experience. We have both classical education and market learned skills which not only differentiates us from the competition but gives us an all-encompassing view of the MasterNode and CryptoCurrency markets.
Laeren is the Old Norse word for “to teach” or “to learn.” Over time, it became an alternative for the word “lore” in Middle English. The io represents the raw data input and the standardized data output of the industry. Laeren.io embodies that pedigree by introducing and educating investors into a common language for all to understand MasterNodes and CryptoCurrencies as a whole.
Yes. Provided is a link to our disclosure statement.
If your question wasn’t answered here you can send an email to: support@laeren.io We also have a closed Facebook (Laeren Crowdsource) group that is available to our Basic and Pro subscribers. Our Pro subscribers also have access to our Discord.