Project Verification Rating Program

February 9, 2019 in News

Project Verification Rating Program

Our coin verification program - another layer of transparency and trust.

Project Verification is only open to those new coins that are looking to establish themselves as a legitimate investment vehicle.  The new coin puts a predetermined number of coins into the Laeren bank as a deposit for 12 months, with an option to renew 2 more times.  Laeren then sets up a node for verification and continues to verify the new coins liquidity and faithfulness in the cryptocommunity for the duration.  As each coin reaches a monthly milestone, the Laeren rating system celebrates the milestone and updates the coin verification rating.  Investors can see how long a coin has been successfully operating within the cryptocurrency community thus making it a solid inclusion in a balanced portfolio. 

This provides investors with another layer of validation as well as assists the verified coins in gaining legitimacy in the cryptocommunity.

Without this rating, investors understand that investing in a coin can be perilous since they won’t have up to date accurate information on a coins’ inclusion in the community.  As well, if a coin does not want to be verified by a rating service that virtually costs them nothing in the long run to participate, are they truly a good investment?  Transparency is key, don’t you think?

Laeren and its investors predict that within a very short period of time the “Verified by Laeren” stamp of approval will be the gold standard by which all new coins will be judged. 

Contact Aaron Cash at 303-944-8142 or to find out the criteria to participate in Project Verification today. is a market intelligence, coin and masternode rating informational site. does not recommend any Coin or MasterNode.

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